Buying Online, Invisalign Alternatives – What Are the Risks?

Buying Online, Invisalign Alternatives – What Are the Risks?

Posted by Hillsdale Dental Care on Jul 30 2017, 08:39 PM

Many people are interested in buying Invisalign online, which cannot be done. Invisalign is only available through a dentist. But there are there are online alternatives to Invisalign. Are these alternative, clear braces effective? How do they work? What are the risks?

The Basics of Alternative Treatment

  • You will be sent a kit to take impressions of your teeth.
  • Based on the impressions, a series of clear aligners will be sent to your home every two to four weeks.
  • You’ll wear the aligners for two to three weeks until you’ve worn them all and your treatment period is complete.

Do these Invisalign alternatives really work? Many patients report good results—and they save money. But there are clear advantages to having treatment supervised by your dentist.

What Are the Risks of Buying Online Invisalign Alternatives?

Before you buy Invisalign alternatives or other clear braces online, you should understand the risks. Some considerations are listed below.

Gum Disease – If you have gum disease, orthodontic treatment will aggravate it. A dentist needs to first examine and x-ray your teeth to ensure they are disease free. If you don’t have a thorough checkup before using Invisalign or other clear braces online, you can do more harm than good to your teeth.

Crowding – If any of your teeth are overcrowded, in addition to Invisalign or an alternative, you might need intervention from a dentist. In some cases, a small amount of tooth enamel needs to be shaved from the affected teeth to help them move into place. A dentist who isn’t invested in your orthodontic case might be hesitant to do the work, or might not do it well.

Other Adjustments – In some cases, you’ll need to wear a set of aligners longer than usual, or your treatment plan might need to be adjusted. Periodic in-person checkups with your dentist can catch any unexpected phases of your treatment. Although an online company might ask you to periodically send photos of your progress, your dentist can more readily notice subtle problems.

What Do We Recommend?

We can’t recommend online alternatives to Invisalign or buying clear braces online at all, but if you want your teeth straightened with the best results, we recommend that you speak with your dentist about it. Find out how your dentist can make Invisalign affordable for you through payment plans or financing. If you can’t afford it right now, it might be in the best interests of your long-term oral health to wait.

This post is sponsored by San Jose dentists Dr. Ralph Stanley, Dr. Magdalena Azzarelli, and Dr. Rogé Jacob.

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