Can Invisalign double as a mouth guard while I play soccer?

Can Invisalign double as a mouth guard while I play soccer?

Posted by Hillsdale Dental Care on May 28 2015, 08:47 PM

I’ve had Invisalign for 7months. After my dentist found out that I joined a soccer team, he told me that I need to wear a mouth guard. Is he trying to make money off of me? Why can’t my Invisalign double as a mouth guard? Thanks Quinn

Quinn – A mouth guard and Invisalign are designed for two different purposes. Invisalign is very clear and thin, but effective for moving your teeth to the correct position.

A mouth guard is thicker than Invisalign and is designed to absorb shock and provide cushion for your teeth and gums during impact to your face and mouth. Invisalign won’t provide the protection you need.

Your dentist isn’t trying to make money off of you. He is trying to help you protect your teeth and your investment in getting them properly aligned. During sports, you can lose your Invisalign trays, or they can be damaged. Follow your dentist’s advice, and get a customized mouth guard to ensure maximum protection of your teeth and gums while you play sports.

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