I can’t get tomato sauce stains off my Invisalign

I can’t get tomato sauce stains off my Invisalign

Posted by Hillsdale Dental Care on Mar 29 2016, 10:05 PM

Please don’t scold me because I know I am not supposed to eat with my Invisalign on. I did eat with them on 3 days ago on a dinner date. I usually take them out but things were pretty romantic and I didn’t want to have to take them out at the table or excuse myself and go to the bathroom to take them out. So I make the made decision of eating with them on. Italian food and Invisalign in the same sentence are bad. I knew it before I ate and boy am I paying the price. The day I ate Italian was the 1st day of that set of aligners. My date didn’t say anything to me about it the whole night but when I got home and looked in the mirror to take the Invisalign out I noticed that they were stained with tomato sauce. So I was talking all night with tomato stains on my Invisalign. I put the trays in the special soak and it didn’t help. Then although my dentist told me not to brush them with toothpaste, I did it anyway and not they look kind of cloudy with tomato stains on them. I even dipped them in bleach for about 30 seconds and they are still discolored. So before I call my dentist who knows me and tell her this embarrassing story I am wondering if maybe there is something I don’t know about that I can do to get the discoloration out.  Or do I just have to switch trays early.Thanks. Gina

Gina – Certain foods are known to stain Invisalign. Tomato sauce stains are difficult to remove from a variety of surfaces. If your efforts to remove the stains haven’t worked, it is unlikely that you can remove the stains.

We understand that your concern is wearing Invisalign for the remaining time in your two-week period with dull aligners that are stained. Unfortunately, you may not have an alternative. The two-week period allows time for your teeth, tooth roots, and gums to adjust to the new position. Speak with your dentist about the issue, and get her advice.

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