The teeth in my new dentures are yellow

The teeth in my new dentures are yellow

Posted by Hillsdale Dental Care on Mar 27 2015, 11:01 PM

I did not and would not order dentures with yellow teeth but that’s what I have. I am almost in tears about this because I never had yellow teeth. It took two months to get the dentures, and I honestly feel that I look worse with them than without any teeth. I think it is noteworthy that the teeth on the wax model I approved were not yellow. I am wondering if I can take the dentures somewhere else to get the teeth lightened. Thanks Alice C.

Alice – Dentures that are not new and are stained can be made whiter. If they can’t be cleaned at home, your dentist can clean them with an ultrasonic cleaner to remove stains.

The color of new denture teeth is stable and cannot be changed. Start by speaking with your dentist about your dissatisfaction and disappointment with your dentures. Your dentist will likely offer to replace your dentures and have the problem corrected. If the offer is not made, you can request it.

Another option is to receive a second opinion from a cosmetic dentist who will customize your dentures to give you beautiful, natural-looking dentures with the tooth color of your choice. You can weigh your options and make an informed decision. This is a good time to consider stabilizing your dentures with dental implants. As few as two implants can be used to improve the feel and function of your dentures.

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