The Bizarre and Unexplained

The Bizarre and Unexplained

Posted by Hillsdale Dental Care on Sep 20 2017, 04:13 AM

A month ago we posted a blog about our top 5 favorite unexplained unnatural phenomena. Since then we’ve run into a problem: we found more, bizarre, some unexplained phenomena that we just had to write about.

1. Lake Hillier

Hillier Lake, or Lake Hillier, is found on the Middle Island, the largest island of the Recherche Archipelago of Western Australia. Its pink color is not a computer enhancement or a photographic touch-up. When standing next to it on ground level, the color is not nearly as bubble gum pink. Still, it’s pink hue is unmistakable. To this day, scientists still don’t know why the lake takes on this awesome pink color. If you snatch some of  it in a jar or ride a boat through it, the color doesn’t change.  Just one more reason to visit Down Under.

2. Plain of Jars

If you wander onto Xieng Khouang Plateau that lies along the Thai-Laotian border, you can find the curious Plain of Jars. They can number just a few or they can cluster in groups that number in the hundreds. Made mostly from sandstone, their purpose remains elusive. They seem to have been designed to have lids, so perhaps they stored perishables. Others believe they were meant to collect rainwater. Being that the jars are in a field that’s home to unexploded mines from the Indochina War, research on them is limited.

3. Morning Glory

These rolling clouds can travel in successive waves. The clouds themselves can extend up to 600 miles in length. Though iconic in their appearance, they’re very rare. They’ve only been generally observed in one place: Gulf of Carpentaria in Northern Australia.

4. Naga Fireballs

These are possibly related to will-o’-the-wisps or ball lightning. These glowing orbs rise out of the Mekong River in Thailand and the countries of Indochina. Explanations range from the paranormal, to magical, to plasma physics, to tracer bullets fired by Laos.

5. Fire Whirls

Yes, these are truly demonic phenomena. Fortunately they don’t happen too often. They usually occur during wildfires or firestorms when the fire grows so large that it requires more and more oxygen from the surrounding area. The fire sucks air towards it, creating erratic wind conditions and then becomes a twister.

In all likelihood, this won’t be our last entry about our world’s odd, crazy and downright weird phenomena. So stay with us to learn more about the strange nature of our planet.

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