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Zoom Whitening

San Jose Zoom Whitening

Most people are interested in Zoom! Whitening® because it’s in-office treatment that will get your teeth brilliantly white in about an hour. At Hillsdale Dental Care, we offer in-office treatment that will get your teeth whiter than Zoom in the same amount of time.

A Brilliant Smile with Better Results than Zoom

We used Zoom in the past and found that it didn’t produce amazing results in some patients. We were not thrilled with the results, so we switched to Opalescence® Boost. In addition to getting a brighter smile than with Zoom, you will experience less sensitivity in your teeth from the bleaching gel.

Three 20-minute sessions are usually all it takes to give you a sparkling smile. You will get the best results if your teeth are professionally cleaned before the whitening treatment. After retracting your lips and cheeks, we will apply the bleaching gel to your teeth. The gel will stay on for 20 minutes to allow it to penetrate your teeth.

After the first session, we will remove the gel and check the results. The process will be repeated twice, and if necessary a third time, to achieve the brightness you want. If you want your teeth even brighter, you can schedule an appointment for another session. The before-and-after photo below, courtesy of Ultradent Products Inc., shows how brilliant your smile can be with Opalescence Boost.

Just as with Zoom, you will receive a take-home kit with customized bleaching trays and professional-strength gel to continue treatment for a specified amount of time. You will also need the kit to do periodic touch-ups at home to maintain your bright smile.

Interested in Better Results than Zoom?

If in-office teeth whitening appeals to you, and you want better results than Zoom, contact us to request an appointment. Call us or request an appointment online. We will examine your teeth and let you know if you are a candidate for teeth whitening, and if you are, you can schedule an appointment for treatment. If you prefer a brief appointment first to ask questions about getting your teeth professionally whitened, request a complimentary consultation.

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