How can I get my family dentist to remove my silver fillings?

How can I get my family dentist to remove my silver fillings?

Posted by Hillsdale Dental Care on Dec 18 2016, 08:10 PM

I asked my family dentist to remove my 4 silver fillings and replace them with white fillings, but she doesn’t want to do it. She said that nothing is wrong with my silver fillings and she doesn’t want to remove them unless they are old. I want the fillings removed because of the mercury. Isn’t it my right as a patient to decide how I want my teeth to be treated? I’m health conscious and when I found out about the toxicity of mercury fillings I decided that removing them would be a healthy step. I’m really disappointed with the way my dentist is handling my request. How can I convince my dentist to remove the fillings? – Silva

Silva – There are family dentists who only use white composite fillings and remove amalgam fillings at a patient’s request even if the fillings are still good shape.

If your dentist is hesitant about removing your amalgam fillings, explain your concerns. Also ask why she doesn’t want to remove them even though you are basically insisting on it. It’s your oral health, and your dentist should be willing to ensure you’re comfortable with it.

If you really want your amalgam fillings removed and your dentist isn’t willing to do it, find another dentist. It’s just that simple. Before you schedule an appointment to have the silver fillings removed, consider the following:

·    Compare fees from a few family dentists.

·    Ask how each dentist removes amalgam fillings and what is done to ensure safe removal. Protocol differs based on the dental office.

·    Contact your insurance company to find out if benefits are provided to replace your fillings.

We hope that your current family dentist is willing to work with you to ensure you’re comfortable with way your teeth are preserved or restored.

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