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San Jose Partial Dentures


Partial Dentures

If you have several teeth missing, dental implants are the most effective way to replace them. But not everyone is a candidate for dental implants, and the cost may not be within your budget. A partial denture is an affordable way to replace missing teeth. There are several options for partial dentures, each with their advantages and disadvantages.

Photo of partial dentures

Traditional Removable Partial Dentures

These removable partial dentures have a metal or plastic framework with clasps that secure around your teeth. The base that is attached to the framework is gum-colored, and replacement teeth are embedded in the base.

The appliance is less expensive than a dental bridge. A single appliance can replace multiple teeth. Some disadvantages of this appliance are that the hardware can be uncomfortable, when a metal framework is used, it may not be completely concealed, and the denture is not as stable as dental implants or a dental bridge.

Precision Attachment Partial

Although this appliance has a metal framework, it is not visible. Extensions from the framework interlock with an attachment that is built onto crowns or bridgework.

The precision attachment partial looks and feels better than a traditional removable one. There are no visible clasps that clip around your teeth, but it is more expensive than a traditional partial denture. A dental implant or a dental bridge provides more stability than this appliance.

Dental Flipper

A dental flipper is a temporary partial denture. It’s not meant to be worn for an extended period. It can be worn while waiting for a more permanent appliance.

An impression of your mouth is taken to make a gum-colored plate. An acrylic tooth, close to the color of your natural teeth, is attached to the plate. For an additional cost, metal clasps that wrap around your teeth can be attached to the plate; they will keep the flipper in place.

Partial Dentures Complimentary Consultation

If you are interested in a partial denture to replace missing teeth, we provide natural-looking partial dentures that fit well. Schedule a complimentary consultation to ask questions and discuss your options, or schedule an appointment for an exam.


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