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Beautiful Smile Guarantee


Beautiful Smile Guarantee

When you invest in a smile makeover from Hillsdale Dental Care, it comes with a beautiful smile guarantee. How can we guarantee that you will love your smile?

It starts by including you in the process. If you want a smile makeover, you likely have some preferences in mind for it. The style, color, and shape of your teeth are important to you—and they are important to us, too. So we will show you photos in our smile guide to give you some ideas, and we will listen closely to your preferences. We pay attention to your facial features and your personality to design a smile that complements you.

Based on your input and our experience in smile design, a wax model of your new smile will be made. If you have any reservations about what you see, we change it until you love it. If you are receiving porcelain veneers, you will try on temporary veneers to see how your final smile design will look and feel. If you’re not amazed at the results, we know that we haven’t given you the smile of your dreams. Throughout the entire process, we listen to you and observe your non-verbal signals to give you a smile that absolutely thrills you.

When you love the results, our master ceramist will make your porcelain veneers. You will try them on with a try-in paste and if you have any hesitation, we will return them for adjustments or have them completely redone. We guarantee that you will love your smile before it’s permanently bonded to your natural teeth.

A smile design from Hillsdale Dental Care is truly beautiful—guaranteed.


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