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San Jose Implant Overdentures


Implant Overdentures

If you need or currently wear complete removable dentures, you may have some concerns about them that are common. Dentures can affect your speech and chewing efficiency. They can cause worry about embarrassment if the dentures slip or fall out. If you are interested in an option that is less expensive than inpidual implants for each missing tooth, consider implant overdentures.

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What Are Implant Overdentures?

Two to eight dental implants are surgically placed in your jawbone. A retainer bar may be used to join the implants and add stability. After your jawbone heals around the implants, the dentures will be placed on them and checked for stability and fit. If you’re pleased with the look and feel, the dentures will be secured to the implants.

Implant Overdentures – Advantages andDisadvantages


  • The cost of inpidual implants is per implant, so overdentures will save you money.
  • Your dentures won’t slip around or fall out. You’ll have more confidence wearing them.
  • The presence of the implants helps prevent jawbone shrinkage and facial collapse, which occur when all of your natural teeth are missing.
  • They are more comfortable than complete removable dentures.
  • Your chewing efficiency will improve.

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  • They are more expensive than complete removable dentures.
  • Before your dentures are secured to the implants, there is a waiting period for your jawbone to heal around them. Meanwhile, you will wear temporary dentures.

Be Selective about Your Implant Overdentures

The placement of any type of dental implant requires the skill of an experienced implant dentist. Quality fixtures must be used to ensure that the implants remain secure. Our implant surgeon received post-graduate training specific to implant placement. You will receive quality fixtures and accurate implant placement. Additionally, our dentists will ensure that you receive cosmetic dentures with teeth that are natural looking and of the highest quality.

Diagram of an Implant Overdentures

If you are interested in quality implant overdentures, contact us for an appointment. You can request a complimentary consultation to ask questions about the procedure and discuss your options, or you can request an appointment for an exam.


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