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Teeth Whitening Specialist

Hillsdale Dental Care

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If you want whiter teeth, you’re not alone. Every year, millions of Americans spend billions of dollars on teeth whitening products. However, if you want a Hollywood smile, you need a professional. Roge Jacob, DDS, and Magdalena Azzarelli, DDS, offer the acclaimed Opalescence™ Boost™ whitening treatment at their Hillsdale Dental Care practice in San Jose, California. Find out how you can get whiter teeth -- Call the practice, or schedule an appointment through this website.

Teeth Whitening Q&A

What is teeth whitening?

Every day, foods and beverages stain and discolor your teeth. Teeth whitening restores teeth to their original shade — or even whiter.

Hillsdale Dental Care offers Opalescence™ Boost™ professional teeth whitening to give you a whiter smile in an hour or less.

What is an Opalescence™ Boost™ whitening treatment?

Opalescence Boost is one of the most popular in-office whitening treatments because it produces whiter results than Zoom! Whitening® in the same amount of time and with less sensitivity.

The team at Hillsdale Dental Care carefully chooses the most effective and comfortable teeth-whitening products, so you get the best results with minimal discomfort.

What happens during an in-office teeth-whitening treatment?

Your provider inspects your teeth to assess their current color and shows you how much whiter they’re likely to be after treatment.

First, a guard is inserted into your mouth to pull your lips and cheeks away from your teeth and the bleaching gel.

After rinsing and drying your teeth, your provider then applies bleaching gel to each tooth. After 20 minutes, the gel is removed and the process may be repeated two or three times more until your teeth match the goal color. Once the treatment is complete, the remaining gel is rinsed from your teeth.

If you want even whiter teeth, you can schedule a touch-up five days later. Hillsdale Dental Care also provides you with take-home customized bleaching trays and professional-strength gel so you can maintain your new smile.

What is a take-home teeth-whitening treatment?

If you’re cost-conscious, you may prefer the less-expensive Opalescence take-home treatment. This convenient kit includes custom bleaching trays — made from impressions taken from your teeth — and professional-strength bleaching gel. It gives you the same bright smile as an in-office treatment in around two weeks.

The take-home treatments are easy to use. Every day, squeeze a small amount of gel into the tray and wear the trays for a specified duration. Once the time’s up, remove any excess gel with a toothbrush and rinse your mouth. You’ll notice your teeth getting whiter every day.

Smile with confidence. Schedule an appointment at Hillsdale Dental Care today. Call the practice or book online.