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San Jose Root Canal Treatment


Root Canal Treatment

The thought of a root canal treatment often ignites fear in many people, but the comments from our patients below let you know that your experience at Hillsdale Dental Care will be completely different from common expectations or negative reports you may have heard.

Diagram of a tooth, labeling where different terms are located: decay, damaged pulp and abscess

  • "Hillsdale Dental Care makes even a root canal a walk in the park for the patient. I listen to stereo headphones and my favorite TV shows as the polite and efficient staff invite me to pillows and blankets and adjust the chair just perfect for my bad back. Then Dr. Stanley informs me calmly and cheerfully about every step of the procedure as he goes along. He is gentle and quick, and before you know it, you’re done and on your way! I have always been terrified of dental work, but it just isn’t bad at all at Hillsdale Dental. What a relief!"
  • "Dr. Azzarelli at Hillsdale Dental Care is wonderful! She is informative, patient, gentle and ever-concerned with patient comfort during procedures. She is meticulous about her work and everything she has done has been SUPER! She did my first ever root canal (two of them!) and I barely felt the discomfort of the injections. I was terrified but felt pain-free soon after! I have no qualms referring her to EVERYONE!"

When Is Root Canal Treatment Needed?

A root canal treatment is needed when there is an infection in your tooth. Your bodies send antibodies and white blood cells to your tooth to fight the infection, but there is no in the tooth for them. The pulp tissue inside the tooth swells and then chokes and dies due to lack of space. The infection travels from the pulp into the canals of your tooth, reaching the bone tissue at the end of the tooth roots. An abscess forms and a root canal treatment is needed to remove the infection.

The treatment is needed because an untreated infection will continue to spread. It may even spread into the jawbone or into your bloodstream and cause you to become very ill. In some cases, if left untreated, the infection can be life-threatening.

Root Canal Treatment – What’s Involved?

During a root canal treatment, the soft tissue in the tooth is removed, the tooth is thoroughly cleaned out, and then it is completely filled to the end of the roots with a sealer material. Although you may have heard horror stories about this treatment, the dead tissue prevent you from feeling pain, so the treatment is not painful. Some people think it’s easier to have the tooth extracted, but the extraction is more painful than a root canal treatment. A successful root canal treatment does not need to be repeated.

After Root Canal Treatment

Often, the tooth is weak and needs to be protected from further damage with a dental crown. We will determine which treatment is best for your case. If you need a crown, be assured that our cosmetic dentists will prove you with a beautiful one that blends in with your natural teeth.


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