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San Jose Affordable Dental Implants


Affordable Dental Implants

You may be interested in stabilizing your dentures, but the cost of multiple dental implants might not be within your budget. At Hillsdale Dental Care, we offer another option—affordable dental implants to secure your dentures.

Photo of a snap-on denture and how it's attached

After the surgically implanted root forms heal (top photo), dentures are snapped onto them (bottom photo).

Snap-On Dentures—Affordable Dental Implants

Your dentures can be secured by using fewer implants, and there will be no sacrifice in quality. Instead of using six or eight implants to secure your dentures, two implants can be used. Using fewer implants will save greatly on the cost.

An implant closely resembles the root of a natural tooth. Each implant is surgically implanted in your jawbone. After your jawbone heals around the root forms, we will snap the dentures onto them. Your dentures will be more secure, and you won’t have to worry about them slipping around or falling out.

Advantages of Affordable Dental Implants

In addition to saving you money, snap-on dentures help prevent jawbone shrinkage and facial collapse. When your teeth are missing, it’s a signal to your body that your jawbone is no longer needed to support teeth. Your body will resorb your jawbone and use the minerals from it elsewhere.

The presence of dental implants in your jawbone will help preserve it so that it will continue to support your facial muscles. So you can avoid a shriveled or sunken-in appearance in your face.

Additionally, when dentures rest directly on your jawbone and put pressure on it, jawbone loss is accelerated. Dental implants support the dentures, so they don’t put pressure on your jawbone.

You will find it easier to eat and speak with implant-supported dentures. Your dentures will look more natural, which can give you more confidence about wearing them.

High-Quality, Affordable Dental Implants

Although your budget may limit the number of implants used to support your dentures, it’s important that you not insist on getting a bargain. An unusually low cost for implants frequently means a sacrifice in the quality of the implant fixtures or the implant placement. If mistakes are made, it can affect your oral health, and have the mistakes corrected will be very expensive.

Our implant surgeon received post-graduate training specific to the placement of dental implants. You will receive quality fixtures that are correctly placed so that the stabilization of your dentures will last and you can maintain good oral health.

If you are interested in high-quality, affordable dental implants, contact us to schedule an appointment for a complimentary consultation or for an exam.


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