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How will they look? Will they slip around or fall out and embarrass you? Will they fit? If you need dentures, you may have the same concerns—concerns that are very common when you find out you need dentures. But you can relax. At Hillsdale Dental Care, we provide quality cosmetic dentures that look natural and fit well.

Removable Complete Dentures

When all of your teeth are missing, one option for replacing them is removable complete dentures. At Hillsdale Dental Care, we don’t produce generic-looking, one-size-fits-all dentures that could potentially belong to anyone. We want your smile to be personalized—a reflection of you. So we ask you about what you want people to see when you smile. The shape and color of your teeth are important to you, and those details are important to us, too.

We listen closely to make custom dentures that fit your personality, facial features, and preferences. Quality teeth are used, so your smile will look natural—not like false teeth.

Based on your input and our experience with cosmetic dentures, a wax model of your dentures is made. You will try in the model to see how the final product will look and feel. If there is anything you want to be adjusted or anything you don’t love about the model, we will adjust it—or remake it entirely, until it just wants you to want.

After you approve the wax model, we will send it, along with customization instructions, to our laboratory to make dentures for you.


Eliminate your concern about dentures slipping around or falling out by choosing overdentures. With as few as two dental implants, your dentures can be secured. The added stability will make it easier for you to eat and speak with dentures. And the presence of dental implants helps prevent jawbone shrinkage and facial collapse, which occur when all of your teeth are missing.

Dental Implants

A dental implant has the same structure of a natural tooth. A root form is surgically implanted in your jawbone, and after it heals, a replacement tooth, or crown, is attached to it. This structure makes dental implants the most natural-looking and effective way to replace missing teeth.

Complimentary Consultation for Dentures

We welcome you to schedule an appointment for a complimentary consultation for dentures. We will answer your questions and discuss your options. When you’re ready to start the process of receiving natural-looking, quality dentures, schedule an appointment for an exam.


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