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Dental Exams Specialist

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Are healthy teeth and gums your priority? They’re essential for chewing and biting, contributing towards your overall well-being. They are also the first thing anyone sees when you smile, so take good care of them. Hillsdale Dental Care in San Jose, California, is home to Magdalena Azzarelli, DDS, and Roge Jacob, DDS, and their experienced team. They encourage everyone to book regular dental exams to keep smiles bright. Call the practice today to schedule your dental exam or book online.

Dental Exams Q&A

What is a dental exam?

A dental exam is a routine check-up of your teeth and gums. You don't have to be in pain to make an appointment. Most dentists recommend you come twice a year to capture the early signs of teeth or gum issues, such as cavities, gum disease, and tooth development. If you're at risk of developing a dental problem, your provider may recommend you come more often. 

During your exam, you see a dentist and a dental hygienist. A hygienist is a dental professional with extensive training in oral cleanliness. 

The Hillsdale Dental Care team offers expert advice on steps you can do at home to maintain a healthy smile, including reviewing your diet, lifestyle, and health history.

What happens during a dental exam?

Most dental exams follow the same format: a cleaning by a dental hygienist, X-rays if you need them, and then a check-up by your dentist. Here's a closer look at each stage.


During the cleaning, your hygienist scrapes sticky plaque and tartar from your teeth. They floss and brush your teeth using a high-powered toothbrush. They may offer a fluoride treatment to prevent tooth decay.


X-ray capture methods change depending on the size of your mouth and the teeth your dentist needs to examine. X-rays take pictures of your entire mouth. They allow your dentist to check for cavities between teeth, investigate jaw problems, and assess wisdom teeth development. 


Your dentist reviews your X-rays and then examines your teeth and gums. They also check for oral cancer by feeling under your jaw and looking at the insides of your lips and cheeks and the roof and floor of your mouth. If you have children, your dentist also makes sure their teeth are developing correctly. 

How do you prepare for a dental exam?

Before your dental exam, let your dentist know if you have any heart problems or immune system disorders, if you're pregnant, and if you've recently had surgery. If you're anxious, reach out to Hillsdale Dental Care — ask as many questions as you like to set your mind at rest.

Regular dental exams play a vital part in keeping your teeth and gums healthy. Schedule your appointment today — call Hillsdale Dental Care or book through the online booking portal.