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San Jose Zirconia Crowns


Zirconia Crowns

A dental crown completely covers and protects a tooth that is worn down, badly decayed, or damaged. Crowns can be used to a metal foundation, or they can be made completely of ceramic or porcelain. Zirconia crowns are all-ceramic crowns. Zirconium dioxide (zirconia) is so strong that it is used in various fields of technology, including the aerospace industry. Zirconia is often referred to as “ceramic steel.”

Zirconia Crowns—Durable Yet Beautiful

Although these crowns are exceptionally strong and long-lasting, they are amazingly beautiful. The material is a high-quality ceramic that can be manipulated in a wide range of colors and translucencies to match your natural teeth—so well that people won’t be able to distinguish the crowned tooth from your natural teeth. Because crowns are made to match the color of your natural teeth, if you are considering having your teeth whitened, let us know. The teeth whitening treatment needs to be completed first so that your new crown can be made to match your brightened smile.

Photo of a zicornia crown

Your metal-free crowns will remain natural looking with time and will never show a dark line at your gumline, as porcelain-fused to metal crowns do. Also, the allergy risk with these crowns is very low.

If you are missing a tooth, and are considering a dental bridge to replace it, you can receive a dental bridge made of durable, beautiful zirconia.

Receiving a Zirconia Crown

Your damaged tooth will be reshaped to ensure that the new crown will fit over it. Impressions of your teeth will be taken to produce a digital model of them. The model will help to produce a crown that fits precisely and looks completely natural.

Impressions and instructions will be sent to our master ceramist to make a customized crown for you. You will wear a temporary crown while you wait. When the zirconia crown is ready, we will remove the temporary crown and place the zirconia crown over your tooth. Before the new crown is bonded to your natural tooth, we will check it for correct color and fit. If you are completely pleased with the look and feel of the crown and have no hesitation it, we will bond it in place.

Caring for Zirconia Crowns

Before you leave our office wearing your new crown, we will ensure that you understand how to properly take care of it. Prevent food particles from building around your crown by maintaining good oral hygiene. Floss around the crown and brush it thoroughly just as you would a natural tooth.

Zirconia Crowns Complimentary Consultation

If you are interested in restoring your tooth with a zirconia crown, or if you are interested in a zirconia bridge to replace a missing tooth, contact us to schedule an appointment for an exam. If you would like to ask a few questions first and discuss your options, request a complimentary consultation.


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