How does a smile bought online compare to Snap-On Smile?

How does a smile bought online compare to Snap-On Smile?

Posted by Hillsdale Dental Care on Oct 30 2016, 09:37 PM

I am job hunting and I think that part of my lack of success if due to the way my teeth look. They are pointy and crooked and it is very noticeable. On 2 of my interviews I am certain that my teeth were a distraction. I don’t have dental insurance yet but I have enough money for a snap-on smile or something similar. I see some products similar to a snap-on smile that I can get without going to a dentist. If I can get good results and save some money that would be golden. There are several choices and I can’t figure out which will give me the best results. How do the online smiles compare to the snap-on smile? Thanks Patrick


A Snap-On Smile is a temporary smile makeover that is great for special events or situations like yours. The difference between this appliance and those that can be bought online is that with a Snap-On Smile, you get professional results from a dentist.

The appliances you buy online are not custom made. Most of them are low-cost appliances that you order based on the size of the arch of your teeth. They might look more like costume teeth than natural teeth and be a greater distraction than your own natural smile. There are a few products for which you might be asked to take impressions of your own teeth and send them in for the appliance to be made. But it’s difficult to accurately take impressions of your own teeth. And you probably don’t get a second chance if you mess up. It’s done accurately at a dental office.

The Snap-On Smile is an investment of several hundred dollars to a few thousand dollars, depending on how many teeth it covers. It looks professional, not like a plastic overlay for your teeth. Unless people are speaking with you in very close proximity, they won’t be able to tell that you are wearing it. The appliance isn’t designed to use every day, but you can eat and drink while wearing it. If you take good care of it, the Snap-On Smile can last three years or more.

When you have job interviews, you probably want a professional appearance. A Snap-On Smile can give you that because it’s fitted by a dentist and made by a professional dental lab—customized to fit over your teeth. Keep in mind that because it fits over your teeth, it might make them look a little bulky. But an online appliance won’t look nearly as appealing.

Speak with a cosmetic dentist to discuss your options.

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