Can you believe it’s back to school time?

Can you believe it’s already back to school time already?

Where did the summer go? Stores have been in full swing for a month already, promoting all that is back to school: Pencils, notebooks, uniforms, new shoes, etc. Our kids will look ready for their first day, with new haircuts, and backpacks, but what about their teeth? Are they ready?

Start the school year off right with no cavities!

Healthy mouths = Less time missed from school

Routine dental check-ups are as important as physical exams and vaccinations. Our children’s teeth need to be healthy for their first day back to the classroom too! Here are a few reasons to schedule an appointment  before the school year starts & life gets even more busy!

If small cavities are ignored, they can turn into big oneseven worse, a toothache or infection. Preventative visits not only benefit everyone, they prevent emergencies. There’s no convenient time for a dental emergency. Time has to be taken out of our busy schedules, school days are missed, and homework gets behind. Although many kids might not mind missing a day or week of school, not even they would want to skip school for a toothache! It’s easier to take care of appointments before school starts! When you get your school schedule, let us know when you’re on winter holiday break too, so we can get your kids scheduled when they have time off!

Custom mouth guards protect teeth the best!

Plan ahead for sports!

Is your son or daughter playing competitive sports this coming school year? They will more than likely be required to get a mouth guard. We can make them here, custom fit to your child’s mouth, which is important for preventing dental injuries. We actually look forward to seeing our young patients and it seems as if they just grow up too fast! It’s amazing how much they change in between 6 month visits!

College = New Cavities

For teens who are leaving home for the first time and entering the college world, tooth decay can come on fast. They no longer have their parents reminding them to brush and their diet usually isn’t the healthiest. Many kids who grew up never having cavities, come home from their first year of college with several! It’s always a good idea to have a cavity-free start to Freshman year. Self-esteem issues are also prevalent in college years, so ask us about teeth whitening as well, for a brighter start to the new year.

If only our college kids would eat healthy & stay away from junk food!

We hope everyone gets a great, happy, healthy start to the new school year (parents too!). We’d love to see you and your family for check-ups and give the “No Cavities” good news. Healthy beginnings lead to less stressful school days.

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