Can’t Afford A Smart Toothbrush? Five Games To Make Brushing Fun.

A smart toothbrush? Yep! For about $150 dollars, you can buy a smart toothbrush to track your kids’ brushing habits and provide them with games to make brushing fun. The smart toothbrush has Bluetooth connectivity and will work with your smartphone or tablet. But if $150 seems like a bad bet to try to get your kids to brush better and longer, get creative. Can’t think of any tooth brushing games? We can help.

Five Games to Make Toothbrushing Fun

If you have older children at home or know older children with whom your little one is comfortable, ask them for suggestions for toothbrushing games. They might have good ideas to help you meet the challenge and make it fun! Don’t give up. Good brushing habits can help prevent more serious dental issues and more frequent dental visits.

This post is sponsored by San Jose family dentists Dr. Ralph Stanley, Dr. Magdalena Azzarelli, and Dr. Rogé Jacob of Hillsdale Dental Care.

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