Don’t Leave Your Bridal Smile Makeover Off Your Wedding Planning Checklist

I think I wanna marry you


They. Are. Perfect.

The dress. The venue. The flowers. The music. All beautiful. All meticulously selected.

And, all of those details will be photographed. Forever preserved to live on your social media profiles or framed on your wall.

So, what happens when your smile isn’t picture ready?

Are your teeth yellow or dingy? Does a gap make you self-conscious? Are your teeth crooked? Or perhaps you have a tooth sensitive to warm or cold?

A bridal smile makeover will have your smile picture perfect in no time.

What’s a bridal smile makeover?

Your bridal smile makeover is anything you need it to be.

* Teeth whitening

* Full-mouth reconstruction

* Orthodontics—Invisalign or Six Month Smiles

* Porcelain crowns

* Porcelain veneers

* Dental bonding

* Replace silver dental fillings for natural tooth colored fillings

Even the least invasive procedures listed can leave your gums sore. And, orthodontic changes can take six months to a year. If possible, start planning your bridal smile makeover as soon as you get engaged. Besides, we want to see that rock!

We’ve created this guide to your perfect bridal smile makeover, to get you started.

Oh! And, don’t forget your future hubby, parents or your bridal party. Wedding smile makeovers aren’t only for the bride. Couples often visit us together.

No matter your desires, schedule or budget, your smile with be perfect on your wedding day.

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