Enter The Mobile Dentist

Food trucks are one of the greatest innovations in modern history. It’s a mobile restaurant. A whole kitchen on wheels. It’s truly one of the marvels of the modern world.

So if there are places where you can stuff your mouth on wheels, don’t you think they should have places that clean your mouth…on wheels? It turns out that this vehicle—this dentist on wheels—is a very real thing.

The Practice on Wheels

The mobile dentist has become a regular presence in Santa Clara, California. Every month, on the 1st and 3rd Mondays, employees at Nvidia receive a visit from a true dentist on wheels.

And Nvidia is no longer alone. A number of other tech companies have enlisted the service of the mobile dentist: GenentechJuniper Networks, and Yahoo.

Onsite Health—fitting name—provides this service. They provide dental and health services on-site using RVs. If you don’t care for the van, they’ll even install a temporary dental practice in one of your company’s rooms.

Just like the Office

Though they may be on wheels and smaller than the average dentist’s office, these mobile dental practices have most of the same features.

Save some complicated procedures, these mobile practices can perform nearly all services offered at a traditional office. They’ve got local dentists, hygienists, dental assistants, and receptionists. They’ll take care of cleanings, deep cleanings, bridge work, crowns, fillings, implants, even root canals.

Room for Expansion

The mobile dental practice is not a completely novel idea. In fact, the NYU School of Dentistry has a van that services schools, community centers, and health fairs. That said, this new wave of mobile dentistry is really starting to pick up steam.

For instance, Onsite Health has been signing a number of new corporate clients each year. In addition to California, it’s now in Georgia, North and South Carolina, Arizona, Utah, Oklahoma, and Texas. In Vegas, Access Dental Health acquired 10 more casino clients.

With this level of convenience, it’s obvious that these companies will only get bigger. Everyone knows how important dentist appointments are. Usually it’s a matter of commuting or getting out of work that presents a problem. Not anymore. Now employees can easily take advantage of their dental benefits without missing a day of work.

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