How Can I Find Affordable Dentures?

I’m trying to find affordable dentures for my aunt who is on disability from her job. She was in a car accident in June and hit her head and mouth. In addition to a concussion, she lost several teeth. Her teeth were not in good shape anyway, but now they are horrible and she needs dentures. I have to find a way to help her because her insurance is not going to be much help at all. She is still recovering, and I want to limit her stress so I am doing the searching for her and will let her know what I find. How do I go about finding affordable dentures for her? Thanks. Monique

Monique – It’s commendable that you want to help your aunt find affordable dentures. Although it might not seem to make sense at first, given her limited income, it might be best to consider quality over cost. Otherwise, she can receive cheap dentures that don’t last and need to be replaced in a year or two. If that kind of cycle continues, the cost of replacing dentures can be the same, or more than, purchasing a quality dental appliance in the first place.

We recommend that you find a few dentists who are experienced with providing dentures. Schedule an appointment for your aunt and find out the levels of quality offered by each dentist, as well as the cost. If your aunt agrees, select the highest quality possible without going over her budget.

Although your aunt’s dental insurance is limited, the dentist you choose will likely offer payment plans. Almost anything the insurance doesn’t cover for her dentures can be paid over time—usually from six to twenty-four months. Many offices also offer financing through Care Credit®, which is extends low-interest credit for medical and dental costs.

You can schedule consultations with two or three dentists to discuss the options.

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