How Long Will A Temporary Pro Crown Last If I Buy It Online?

I love the convenience of online shopping. I am having a problem with a worn out tooth and any day the crown is going to fall off. It’s the holidays so I just want to be proactive. I am looking at packages of professional crowns. There are several crowns in different sizes on ebay that I can buy for under $10. Some of them actually look pretty good like mock ceramic. After the first of the year I’ll schedule a dental appointment for a better temporary crown while I wait for a permanent one. I am wondering how long something like this will last and whether or not I should order 2 packages. Thanks a bunch! – Flo

Flo – We have no experience with do-it-yourself temporary crowns that can be bought online, but we can tell you that although they are labeled as “professional crowns,” at a price for under $10, they are not professional.

CEREC, instead of online crowns

The process of getting a new crown doesn’t have to take weeks of waiting for a laboratory-made crown. You may be a candidate for a CEREC crown, which is made in the dentist’s office while you wait. You just need to find an experienced CEREC dentist in your area to receive a customized crown fast.

Trained dentists who have CEREC technology in their office are able to take images of your teeth and use the technology to sculpt a block of porcelain into a crown. The entire visit takes about two hours, and you will have a functional crown that looks natural.

We advise that you not buy a crown online. The process of removing your old crown or attaching the new one can damage your natural tooth and cause more problems. Spend a few minutes researching the experience and credentials of a nearby dentist who can provide you with a same-day crown.

This post is sponsored by Dr. Ralph Stanley, Dr. Magdalena Azzarelli, and Dr. Rogé Jacob of Hillsdale Dental Care.

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