How To Change Your Life, 2 Days At A Time

The 5:2 diet is a popular diet for today’s world. For only 2 days out of the week (non-consecutive days), you have to “diet” a.k.a. really limit your calorie intake. It’s simple to understand, not to difficult to follow, but the jury is undecided about long term effectiveness or if it’s healthy. But it is a good ole fashion fad. The U.K. has been caught up in this diet craze for the past year and a half. Thousands upon thousands swear by it.

5:2 for Life

It seems now, however, the 5:2 lifestyle has been taken a step further…becoming a literal lifestyle. This means exactly what it sounds like: changing your life two days-a-week at a time. Kate Harrison, a BBC journalist, followed the 5:2 diet and dropped 28 lbs. She also said she regained a lot of confidence, energy and optimism. After starting a Facebook group to encourage other 5:2 dieters, Harrison realized there could be a greater purpose for 5:2. Her answer: 5:2 Your Life Plan. In order to change your life—which is a daunting idea in itself—”The answer is by setting yourself small tasks on just two days a week that you can easily complete on your way to work, in your lunch break or once you’ve put the children to bed.” After setting up and accomplishing these little tasks you’ll begin to feel greater satisfaction with yourself, which will then only feed your confidence and energy for greater change.

How to Begin

Harrison says you should begin by choosing which two days of the week to implement the 5:2 plan. Harrison suggests Monday as a good starting day. Don’t choose consecutive days and it’s best to keep the days consistent so the schedule and tasks become routine. Challenges or tasks should take 25 minutes. Schedule them to fit in during lunch breaks, or during a commute, or during down time.

Big Picture: On the grand scheme, she instructs you to think “big picture.” For instance, imagine your next big birthday (turning 30 or 40, you know) and envision who’ll be there, what achievement everyone will be celebrating (besides your age changing), who’ll be giving a speech in your honor, etc. The key in this exercise is to figure out how to make these imaginings a reality. You can then make a plan to reach this vision.

Small Stuff: This may seem trivial and something to ridicule, but that’s why it’s so important. It is trivial, it is small and seemingly unimportant and yet these are the tasks you’re skipping or ignoring: washing, cleaning the house, sorting out bills, throwing out old things, etc. Write these down and then pick one out (one that’ll take no more than ten minutes) and DO IT! Right now. Then, for the rest of the things on the list, accomplish them on your scheduled 5:2 days.

These are the just the ways to get started on the plan. They may seem ridiculous and you may dismiss them as just another “here’s how you can change your life, just have your credit card ready.” But it’s not. This kind of life-changing methods have just been rebranded as 5:2. Really, many of these measures are straight out of cognitive behavioral therapy, a school of psychology that’s been showing the most signs of real, positive change in people. To learn more just check out her book.

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