Noncosmetic Reasons to Consider Veneers

The dazzlingly bright smile sported by so many celebrities comes down to dental veneers in many cases. If you’re after the Hollywood sparkle, then veneers may be one solution. However, these thin additions to the visible surfaces of your teeth aren’t always about cosmetics. 

There are plenty of dental patients who are surprised to learn that veneers can bolster chipped and cracked teeth as well as filling gaps or leveling misalignments. Contact Hillside Dental Care to learn more about how you could benefit from dental veneers. You may be surprised too. 

Tooth damage

Sure, fixing chips, cracks, or other tooth damage can be a cosmetic issue. However, correcting these can go far beyond simple appearances. Even teeth with minor chips or cracks can put your oral health at risk, even when the damage is hard to spot.

Vulnerabilities in your teeth leave them susceptible to microscopic bacteria, which can wreak havoc from the inside out. Adding a protective layer on top of your tooth can keep germs out, saving your tooth from cavities and infections. Veneers also add strength, so you may be avoiding further damage later on by reinforcing a tooth now. 

Compromised enamel

The outer layer of your teeth is a smooth, hard material called enamel. It acts as a protective armor as well as giving your teeth their characteristic appearance. Unlike your skin, enamel doesn’t regenerate if it’s worn down or damaged.

For some people, weak enamel is genetic and present from birth. For others, damage develops slowly over the years, thanks to clenched teeth, over-brushing, tooth alignment problems, or acidic beverages and foods in your diet. 

When your enamel deteriorates, bacteria can penetrate this compromised barrier, putting you at greater risk for tooth decay. Veneers reinforce compromised enamel, lasting for years and adding back that surface protection that’s otherwise lost.  

Gaps and alignment

Apart from the Hollywood smile, gaps between teeth are one of the main reasons people seek veneers. While a gap-toothed grin may be cute when you’re young, that impression can fade. Spaces between teeth create breeding surfaces for bacteria, and the more places that bacteria can take hold, the greater the risk you have of plaque and tartar building up, primary conditions for the start of gum disease. 

Those gaps make it easier for neighboring teeth to shift out of position, leaving you with not only crooked, spaced teeth, but a misaligned bite, too. These alignment issues can trigger jaw pain and increase chances for premature tooth wear. 

Veneers can often fill the gaps without costly and time-consuming orthodontics. You reduce your risk of gum disease as well as the risks of shifting teeth and a misaligned bite.

The line between cosmetics and function is often thin where your teeth are concerned. A beautiful smile is often a healthy smile, so, to learn more about how dental veneers can help you, contact Hillsdale Dental Care in San Jose, by phone or email, to arrange a consultation. You can restore your smile — and your confidence — with dental veneers. Book now.  

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