Real Solutions For Sensitive Teeth

Around 20% out of all adults are suffering from sensitive teeth once in their lives, and this is a problem that can lead to a wide range of complications. This issue is caused by the tooth enamel that protects the dentine, which tends to suffer from wear as time passes.

Thankfully, researchers at the National Taiwan University have created a new paste whose main purpose is to help people with the sensitive teeth. This paste can be used to repair the worn enamel and it can last for around 70 days or even more, depending on the amount of wear that your teeth have during that period.

The miracle paste mimics enamel and rebuilds it with the help of a newly found material that can help in forming a barrier over various areas that might be responsible for causing pain. This particular material is build out of silica and calcium carbonate with the main purpose of sealing all of the dentine tubes that are exposed, and thus reducing the amount of pain that any person with sensitive teeth has to go through. Alongside that, this material also helps in the regeneration process of enamel, something that wasn’t available until now.

Although no human tests were made until this point, the new paste has already been tested on dogs and the results are very promising. It seems that the paste causes a significant crystal growth and, what’s even more important, it doesn’t cause any pulp irritation which is a great thing!

What’s very innovative in this paste is that it’s created out of mesoporous biomaterials, and thus the results are much better than using anything in a synthetic manner. Thanks to this, the materials act as a carrier of substances and thus they manage to help in the regeneration of dental hard tissue.

Despite the fact that there are hundreds of recipes for sensitive teeth, none of them seem to be efficient enough and they simply cannot provide a long term solution to the problem. Thanks to Professor Lin which is the most important figure in the research team, this paste is set to become a permanent solution to sensitive teeth.

The ability to use gelatin as a delivery method is great, and the fact that it’s mixed with phosphoric acid makes things even better since it seals all tubes immediately, especially those that are exposed.

Alongside the sensitive teeth problem, this paste is also set to provide solutions for other issues. The researchers want to improve it to the point it can repair minor damages to the teeth that are caused by natural problems. This paste is set to be used in a dental clinic only though, so it won’t be generally available on the market, instead only professionals will have access to it, and this is much better!

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