Smart Ways To Help Kids Enjoy Brushing Their Teeth

As adults, we know that oral health is important. Yet, sometimes children need a little motivation to make proper brushing a part of their routine.

If your children feel brushing is boring, these smart products can make tooth brushing more fun.

Our goal is to help our littlest patients get off to a good start. So, we’re sharing a few smart devices that may encourage your kids to develop good dental hygiene.

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Playbrush makes daily toothbrushing a fun game, creating a “positive atmosphere around toothbrushing.” Kids play entertaining and instructional games while improving their brushing skills.

Playbrush includes motion sensors which record how your child brushes (place, speed and duration), helping to develop proper brushing techniques.

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Grush Gaming toothbrush

Grush (short for gaming toothbrush) is a motion sensing toothbrush that also serves as a game controller. The device encourages good brushing techniques by guiding children to brush at proper angles for the recommended time of two minutes.

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Foreo Issa Mini toothbrush

The Foreo Issa Mini is a compact electric toothbrush that comes in kid-friendly colors. This smart toothbrush doesn’t require an app or a mobile phone. Instead it uses Sonic Pulse Technology—channeling 9,000 pulses per minute to effectively and gently clean the teeth and gums.

The soft silicone bristles are extremely gentle on kids’ teeth and gums, protecting them from over-brushing. And the bristles harbor less bacteria, promoting better oral health.

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Oral-B Disney Magic Timer App

If your child needs help with extending their brushing time to two minutes, the free Oral-B Disney Magic Timer app is one great solution.

As your child brushes with the app, a picture of a popular Disney or Marvel character is slowly revealed as a timer counts down on the screen. Only after the full two minutes have passed, the full image is revealed. Children can even save their completed pictures, giving them a sense of accomplishment for a job well-done.

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Kolibree is a smart electric toothbrush with sonic vibration. Its soft bristles protect kids’ teeth and gums. And its smartphone app allows kids to play games while teaching proper brushing techniques.

Parents can monitor and improve their children’s tooth brushing habits, making oral hygiene and fun and educational experience.

These smart products can help children develop and maintain healthy dental hygiene that will last them a lifetime.

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