The Bonding I Got From My Family Dentist Looks A Mess

I got dental bonding from my family dentist on my bottom front teeth to close the small spaces that make it look like I have black triangles between my teeth. My gums are receding and causing the spacing issue. My dentist said she could fix it with dental bonding. She put bonding between my teeth but there is no shape to it. I thought it was supposed to look seamless but there are blobs of the bonding between my teeth and it doesn’t match. It’s hard to floss between my teeth because either side of the bonding is stuck to a tooth. This is the biggest mess ever. I left a message for my dentist and she called me back. I told her why I was so concerned and she implied that the bonding looks better than the black triangles. No it doesn’t . She asked me to schedule an appointment for me to come and she would either reshape the bonding or do it over. This makes me wonder why she didn’t do it right in the first place. Should she have told me that the black triangles could be closed with dental bonding, or was she just hopeful? DJ

DJ – Close-up photo of black triangle between bottom teeth, from the San Jose dentists of Hillsdale Dental Care.Unfortunately, it sounds like your family dentist doesn’t have extensive training in cosmetic dentistry. Closing black triangles between teeth with dental bonding requires a lot of skill. Your dentist is correct that it can be done, but it’s clear than the issue is beyond her training or talent.

Black triangles can occur from receding gums or from orthodontic treatment. We recommend that you visit an experienced cosmetic dentist. The bonding can be sanded off, and you can decide if you want to keep the spaces between your teeth, or if you want bonding replaced. An experienced cosmetic dentist knows how to manipulate and shape dental bonding to give you natural-looking results.

Keys to Properly Closing Black Triangles

A skilled cosmetic dentist will carefully take several things into consideration. Some key factors are listed below.

Your family dentist had the right idea, but unfortunately wasn’t able to execute it. Don’t hesitate to schedule an appointment for a second opinion with a cosmetic dentist. The blobs of dental bonding don’t simply detract from your smile. They need to be removed to protect your oral health.

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