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The Difference Professional Teeth Whitening Can Make

The Difference Professional Teeth Whitening Can Make

Each year in the United States, at least 35 million Americans turn to teeth whitening to elevate their smiles to new levels. While some of the people used over-the-counter whitening products, those who really have something to smile about underwent professional teeth whitening, which offers several advantages.

At Hillsdale Dental Care, Drs. Roge Jacob and Magdalena Azzarelli, along with the rest of the highly skilled dental team, offer exceptional teeth-whitening services using the most advanced products available.

If you’re wondering why professional teeth whitening excels, read on.

One visit for whiter teeth

One of the biggest advantages of our teeth-whitening treatments is that we can whiten and brighten your teeth by many shades in just one visit. To accomplish this, we use Opalescence™ Boost™, which relies on a medical-grade whitening gel that quickly clears away stains and whitens teeth in about an hour.

With over-the-counter products, the process is much slower since these products aren’t authorized to contain bleaching agents above a certain concentration.

One study summed up this difference by concluding, “Chemical bleaching leads to good results, especially when it is performed with high peroxide concentrations in a controlled environment, i.e., in the dental practice.”

Gentler on your teeth

Many over-the-counter products have abrasive agents in them, which can damage your enamel. While the abrasives may remove stains in the short term, the long-term effects of enamel loss is significant and can lead to far more tooth discoloration down the road.

In the same study we reference above, the authors found that, “Current formulations [of stain-removing toothpastes] always represent a compromise between desired cleaning efficiency and unwanted tooth abrasion.”

Gentler on your gums

As dental professionals, we understand how sensitive the soft tissues in your mouth are and we take great care to protect them during your teeth-whitening procedure. Before we apply the whitening gel, we place a guard inside your mouth that pulls your lips and cheeks safely away, allowing us to confine the whitening agent to your teeth alone.

When you use over-the-counter products, you’re lacking this oversight and you might be left with painful and sore soft tissues as a result.

At your own pace

If you’d prefer to whiten your teeth more gradually, but far more effectively than over-the-counter products, we can supply you with an at-home whitening kit from Opalescence that contains the same medical-grade gel we use here at our practice. This kit allows you to whiten your teeth over several weeks, transforming your smile into one that dazzles by the end.

If you want to brighten your smile the right way, contact our office in San Jose, California, to schedule your professional teeth-whitening treatment.

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