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What to Expect When Getting Started With Invisalign®

What to Expect When Getting Started With Invisalign®

Invisalign® has helped 15 million people (and counting!) achieve the smiles of their dreams and you're anxious to get going with this innovative, teeth-straightening technology.

At Hillsdale Dental Care, our team is thrilled to be able to offer Invisalign to our clients and we’re also anxious to get started on improving your smile. Under the guidance of Dr. Roge Jacob and Dr. Magdalena Azzarelli, we’ve helped heaps of people to straighten their teeth with Invisalign, so we know the technology works.

To give you an idea about what to expect, here’s a look at how you or your child can embark on this easy teeth-straightening journey.

Come in for an evaluation

Your first step is simple — come see us for an evaluation. Up to 93% of kids and adolescents around the world have some degree of misalignment (malocclusion) in their teeth, and this issue extends into adulthood if no action is taken.

The most common types of misalignments include:

While metal braces have been the go-to technique for straightening and aligning teeth, the good news is that Invisalign’s clear aligners can tackle most of these same issues.

When you come to see us (or you bring your child), we examine the alignment issue to see whether Invisalign is a good solution — and the odds are that it will be!

A glimpse into the future

If we decide that Invisalign will work well for you, we digitally scan your child’s teeth or your teeth using advanced 3D technology. From this scan, we can provide you with a timeline and even a rendering of what the teeth will look like afterward.

If everything looks good and we agree on a plan, we send the digital scans off to Invisalign, along with our instructions, and you go home with a clear vision and plan in place.

Getting the first aligners

The first set of Invisalign aligners are sent directly to us. When you come in, we make sure that the aligners fit properly, and we provide you with complete care instructions.

Moving forward

After we get you set up with your first set of aligners, you’ll receive new sets according to your timeline at your home, eliminating the need to visit our office each time. 

About halfway through your Invisalign journey, we have you visit us again so that we can make sure that the straightening is progressing well. 

Of course, if you have any questions or you’d like to make some adjustments along the way, we’re available any time.

As you can see, getting on the road to straighter teeth is quick and easy. To get started, please contact our office in San Jose, California.

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