Can I get a better smile with implant dentures?

Can I get a better smile with implant dentures?

Posted by Hillsdale Dental Care on Nov 11 2016, 08:32 PM

I am in my 20th year of wearing dentures and never have I had a good smile with them. My smile just looks so generic and I am tired of it. I am only 63 yrs young and my parents lived into their 90s. My good health leads me to believe that God willing, I will live into my 90s too. I’m an active senior who just wants to look good too. After wearing dentures for so long, is there any chance that I can get a decent smile with dental implants? Thank you. Janise

Janise – You can have more than a decent smile with dental implants. You can get cosmetic dentures that are supported by dental implants, and they will be a surprisingly beautiful replacement for your current dentures.

You mentioned that you are in your 20th year of wearing dentures. The time that you’ve been without your natural teeth indicates that there is substantial bone loss in your jaw. Dental implants are the ideal solution to keep your dentures in place, and no denture adhesive is required. The bone loss will need to be compensated for with bone grafting. After the grafting procedure, a healing time is required before your dental implants are placed.

The beauty of your smile will come from cosmetic dentures. High-quality materials from a cosmetic dentist will give you dentures that look natural. A cosmetic dentist will provide dentures that compliment your facial features so they look like your own natural teeth. If you have pictures of yourself smiling, before you received dentures, they will help recreate a smile that looks personalized—not generic. You choose the shape, character, and color of your teeth. Quality dentures often make patients look younger.

Dental implants will be surgically implanted to support your denture. Two to eight dentures can be used to support your dentures. The more implants you have, the greater their stability will be. Your denture won’t cover your palate, so eating will be more enjoyable.

Start by visiting two or three general dentists to discuss your options. Although some patients want to visit an oral surgeon first, there is the risk of the implants being placed in the wrong position for maximum aesthetics. Take the time to discuss your smile goals with a general dentist who will work with an oral surgeon for optimum implant placement. A general dentist who is also trained in cosmetic dentistry will provide you with dentures that create a beautiful smile. Verify each dentist’s training in cosmetic dentistry before you schedule appointments for a consultation.

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