Can my snap on smile protect my teeth like a mouth guard while I play sports?

Can my snap on smile protect my teeth like a mouth guard while I play sports?

Posted by Hillsdale Dental Care on Sep 5 2016, 10:00 PM

2 of my 5 missing teeth are from playing sports. Others are from my failure to take care of my teeth. My parents have told me that they are not paying to replace my teeth but they did get me a snap on smile. They feel that because I was responsible for losing my teeth that I should pay to have them replaced. I am happy that they at least got me the snap on smile. I am 19 and a ways off from getting work that will give me good dental insurance. I got the smile in June and I wear it all the time. It looks so much better than having empty spaces in my smile. I still play sports a lot and my dad has asked me not to wear the smile while I am playing because I might damage it or lose it. I think that since it covers my teeth it is actually protecting them while I play sports. My dad said it’s too flimsy to protect my teeth and it might crack. Who is right? Thanks Damon

Damon – Listen to your father. If you experience an impact to your mouth or face, the Snap-On Smile won’t serve as protection. It can crack, completely break, or even jam into your gums or cheeks and cause additional damage.

A Snap-On Smile doesn’t come close to protecting your teeth as a custom mouth guard does. A mouth guard cushions the impact. There isn’t anything in your Snap-On Smile that would cushion a blow to your mouth.

Although you don’t want people to see your natural teeth, you will need to wear a mouth guard to protect your teeth. Tooth replacement is costly. When you can afford your own dental insurance and some out-of-pocket costs to replace your missing teeth, you will be glad that you protected yourself from losing additional teeth.

Ask your dentist for a custom mouth guard, and wear your Snap-On Smile when you are not playing sports.

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