Denture won’t fit on implants?

Denture won’t fit on implants?

Posted by Hillsdale Dental Care on Feb 26 2015, 10:11 PM

I would say 40% of the time, I can get my denture to snap onto my implants with no problem. 60% of the time either it takes me a long time (maybe 10-15 minutes?) to get it to snap on, or I can’t do it at all and just give up. Sometimes I can get the denture on, but it doesn’t stay on. This is very annoying. Yes I have told my dentist about the problem. No, we don’t have a solution yet. So I am asking, why won’t my denture fit on my implants? Thanks Mona

Mona – There are several issues that can prevent a denture from fitting properly onto implants. You may experience difficulty snapping the denture onto implants, or the denture may dislodge from the implants.

Possible issues

Dentures – One issue may be that the denture itself wasn’t properly constructed to accommodate the implants. The impression of your mouth may have been taken incorrectly. Or the snaps on the denture may be incorrectly positioned. Depending on the age of your denture, it can be relined or replaced. Attachments can wear with time and use and need to be replaced.

Implants – If your dental implants are new, they may have been placed in the incorrect position. Or the implants may be incorrectly angled.

Properly fitting implant-supported dentures require close communication between your implant surgeon and the dentist providing the dentures. Care must be taken to ensure proper placement of the fixtures on the dentures that snap onto the implants.

If you are not getting answers from your current dentist, you can consider receiving a second opinion from an implant dentist experienced with implant-supported dentures. He or she will examine your denture and implants to determine the source of the problem. If the cause is not readily apparent, diagnostic studies may be required to identify the problem.

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