Is Six Month Smiles a Con?

Is Six Month Smiles a Con?

Posted by Hillsdale Dental Care on Dec 4 2016, 08:27 PM

My dentist now offers Six Month Smiles. My teeth stick out because I sucked my thumb from a toddler through 9th grade. I didn’t do it openly but it was an everyday habit. I have wanted braces since I was in high school but I have never wanted to wear them that long. Now I’m 27 and pretty much hate my smile. I’m never smiling when my friends want to do selfies because my teeth suck. I saw the Six Month Smiles braces advertised in my dentist office so I asked her about it during my last cleaning. She said she doesn’t think it will work for me but regular braces would give me better results because my bite is really off. Now I am beginning to wonder if this Six Month Smiles thing is there just to get people interested in braces and then to tell them they need another option that costs thousands of dollars more. How do I know if my dentist is right or if she is trying to get me into braces that cost a lot more? Thanks Holli


Six-Month Smiles is designed to correct the teeth that show when you smile. It works well with aligning minor issues with your teeth. Not everyone is a candidate for it. If your bite is off, this option won’t correct it.

The length of time that you sucked your thumb likely had significant impact on your teeth. As your dentist recommended, your bite requires more aggressive treatment, such as traditional brace or other orthodontic appliances.

You can schedule a consultation with another dentist who offers Six Month Smiles to get a second opinion. Don’t mention that your dentist has already ruled out Six Month Smiles as an option for your case. Changes are that you’ll receive the same treatment options that your dentist gave you, but at least you’ll have more confidence that this treatment might not be best for your case.

Your overbite can be corrected, but another form of orthodontic treatment will give you the right results. Remember it’s not just the position of your teeth, but your overall oral health that is of concern. Although the treatment period for other forms of orthodontics will take longer, you’ll get more effective and longer-lasting results.

Keep in mind that with any form of orthodontic treatment, you’ll be required to wear a retainer for life to keep your teeth aligned.

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