My teeth are keeping me from work

My teeth are keeping me from work

Posted by Dr. Ralph Stanley on Mar 30 2014, 10:40 PM

I graduated last year with a degree in radio, tv, and film. My dream is to work in tv.  I’ve been on many interviews and auditions, but never quite get hired. My last interviewer mentioned my teeth would need to be worked on if I wanted a visible job. Could this be what is keeping me from getting hired? If I got braces I would look worse.

Amanda T. – New York


We all know that those in TV and film are held to ridiculous standards when it comes to body types and smiles. Therefore it is very possible that your teeth are keeping you  from landing that dream role/ position.

Braces would be a bad idea, unless they’re looking to reprise the jaws villian on James Bond. My suggestion would be for you to get Invisalign. This will enable you to get your teeth straightened without having the unsightly appearance of traditional braces. In fact, no one will even know you’re wearing them.

Good luck with your auditions. When you reach your dreams, send me an autograph.

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