Thinking about Switching Family Dentists? Five Reasons Patients Make the Move

Thinking about Switching Family Dentists? Five Reasons Patients Make the Move

Posted by Hillsdale Dental Care on Jul 17 2017, 08:54 PM

Should you switch family dentists? In most cases, if there is a misunderstanding with your dentist, taking time for open communication can resolve the issue. But sometimes there are legitimate reasons to switch. Below are five reasons some patients have felt compelled to  move on.

1. Your dentists doesn’t offer the services you need

Many patients want a dentist who can provide more services than a dental cleaning an exam. Today’s patients want to enhance their smile. They often prefer not to be referred to another dentist, unless it’s absolutely necessary. Some common services that patients want their family dentist to offer include:

·    In-office teeth whitening

·    Invisalign

·    Cosmetic dentistry

·    Dental implants

2. Your dentist lacks experience in key services you need or want

Your family dentist might have CEREC technology in his or her office, but how much training has been completed to become skilled at it? And how many patients has your dentist treated with this procedure? Lack of experience can lead to a patient’s lack of confidence ability in a dentist to successfully complete certain procedures, including:

·    Orthodontic treatment

·    Cosmetic dentistry

·    Dental implants

Before you consent to treatment, ask a dentist how much training and experience he or she has in the area. Ask to see before-and-after pictures of the dentist’s actual patients.

3. Your dentist has poor chairside manner

It’s rare, but if a dentist is rude, disrespectful, or uncompassionate, it can be a turnoff. Even a highly skilled dentist can lose patients if his or her chairside manner is not considerate of patients. You can consider scheduling consultations with two or three dentists before you switch.

4. Your dentist is pushy

If your dentist is pushy, it can make you feel as if your patient rights aren’t being respected. Maybe you like the gap between your teeth, and a heavy promotion of Invisalign or porcelain veneers isn’t appreciated. Ultimately, a pushy dentist can make you dread your appointments. It might be time to switch.

5. Your dentist doesn’t take emergency appointments

Ever had a dental emergency and can’t get in to see your dentist? Before you choose a dentist, ensure he or she accepts emergency appointments. If you have to see another dentist for emergency care, it can affect your confidence in your dentist.

Think Carefully Before Switching to a New Family Dentist

You should think carefully before switching family dentists. Write down the pros and cons and prioritize your list. Some things to consider include:

·    Current and new dentist’s location

·    How many family members are affected?

·    Are you in the middle of treatment?

·    How will your dental insurance be affected?

·    What are the new dentist’s qualifications and experience?

·    Why do you really want to switch?

·    Was there a misunderstanding?

·    Can you talk with your dentist about your concerns?

·    What are you giving up if you switch?

·    What will you gain if you switch?

Schedule a few consultations to help you decide if switching is the right move. Remember that a little communication might reveal a misunderstanding or resolve minor issues.

This post is sponsored by the San Jose dentists of Hillsdale Dental Care.

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