Top Reasons to See Your Dental Hygienist

Top Reasons to See Your Dental Hygienist

Posted by MLClark on Sep 20 2017, 04:13 AM

Top Reasons to See Your Dental Hygienist

Top reasons to see your dental hygienist? Having clean, shiny teeth could be reason enough, but here’s five more!

You’re in a judgement-free zone

Dental hygienists are well-trained cleaning machines. Years of school and continuing education give them the tools they need to assess and help you with your oral health. They’re passionate about what they do and truly care about you and your teeth. When you’re in their chair, you’re in a judgement-free zone. If it’s been “forever” since your last cleaning, or you confess that you “haven’t been the best flosser”—your hygienist understands and wants to help you get the healthiest mouth possible.

You love being reminded to floss

Well, maybe you don’t love being reminded about the importance of flossing. But, your hygienist sees a wide spectrum of teeth day after day. They may encourage you to floss if they see signs of gingivitis (redness, bleeding, inflammation). It’s their job to inform you about what they see going on in your mouth! It’s never judgement, just information—and, knowledge leads to better habits and better overall health.

Dental Fact: Healthy gums don’t bleed.

Dental hygienists are passionate about their job!

You want expert advice on how your home care can be improved

Who doesn’t like expert advice? When hygienists clean each other’s teeth, they love being told what areas they need to work on. They truly do! Tips on a better angle of brushing to get those teeth where plaque has been accidentally skipped over, or where to floss better, really helps us focus on the areas that need more attention. We might think we’re doing a great job brushing, but we can’t see the hidden spots dental professionals can. Dental hygienists are happy when patients ask questions and take their advice—they know no one is perfect and even need a little advice themselves at times!

You love the feeling of clean teeth

Preventative care doesn’t just leave you with clean feeling, slick teeth. By removing plaque, you’re removing harmful bacteria that can enter your bloodstream. Oral health is directly related to your overall health, and bacteria in plaque is related to the bad bacteria found in heart disease. Hardened buildup (tartar/calculus) that sits at or below the gum line causes inflammation and bleeding, leading to periodontal disease. Routine cleanings removes these irritants, allowing the gums to stay healthy and attached to the tooth—which ultimately prevents gum pockets and bone loss. Plus, you’ll have better breath and superficial stains will be polished away!

Floss daily!

You get to see your favorite dentist too!

While your hygienist is cleaning your teeth, they’re always looking for any signs of trouble. After your cleaning, your dentist will exam your entire mouth. Having two sets of eyes on your teeth, gums and tissues, will ensure small problems can be caught before they turn into bigger ones—including signs of oral cancer, which is so important to catch in its early stages.

Routine check-ups and cleanings are vital for oral health!

With so many reasons to see your dental hygienist, call us to schedule an appointment, even if it’s been a long time—we’ll be happy so see you!

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