Awesome Ways to Create Tooth Fairy Magic

Awesome Ways to Create Tooth Fairy Magic

Posted by Hillsdale Dental Care on Sep 20 2017, 04:13 AM

There’s something magical about childhood.

The innocent pleasures. The imaginative wonder.

Losing teeth–an important rite of passage for children–can be just magical.

Waking up to some extra cash under the pillow is great. But, how can we go just a little further for children whose imaginations are extraordinary. Here are some fun ideas we came across to make losing a tooth even more exciting.

A Tooth Fairy door

Santa’s got the chimney. Harry Potter had a talking door. Alice had a rabbit hole. Genie had a lamp.

Magical creatures need a portal.

How else do they enter the non-magic world?

Let the tooth fairy in from the cold with tooth fairy door like this one from Dette Cakes.

Imagine all the lovely, imaginative play having a fairy portal could spur in your child.
Photo by Kelly of DetteCakes

As Kelly explains, the door is a dollhouse door available at almost any craft and hobby store. She’s painted it pink and adorned with a knob and address, but your imagination is the limit.

Tooth Fairy footprints

If your kids worry that a magic portal that gives fairies access their bedroom may be a gateway for other, nefarious mythical creatures, leave fairy footprints by their bedside or windowsill.

Sun Cottage Creations developed this stencil to make tiny fairy feet.

Photo by Sun Cottage Creations

In a pinch, sprinkle glitter by the windowsill and use Barbie shoes to leave footprints in the glitter.

Tooth Fairy business management

What if your child prefers to Forbes to Harry Potter?

If you’re raising the next Evan Spiegal–CEO of SnapChat–leave your entrepreneur a receipt from the tooth fairy, complete with barcode.

This tutorial has a free receipt font and a barcode generator. Don’t forget the first-tooth bonus!

Photo by

No matter what your child likes, there’s a way to cater to his or her imagination.

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