Should a family dentist prescribe antibiotics after pulling a tooth?

Should a family dentist prescribe antibiotics after pulling a tooth?

Posted by Hillsdale Dental Care on Feb 20 2017, 08:00 PM

I’ve had a toothache on and off that I let go on for several months. 2 months ago my family dentist told me that I need a root canal and a crown but I didn’t get it done. I just don’t have the time or money. I’m a single mom with 2 daughters and I have to give my kids priority. I saw my dentist 2 ½ weeks ago and explained by situation and he offered to pull the tooth for me. I agreed because it was so much cheaper than the root canal and crown. I asked my dentist for something for pain just in case. He told me I should be fine with ibuprofen, but I know that when I have a headache, ibuprofen doesn’t do anything for it. He told me it should be fine. I thought that I should at least have been given antibiotics because the tooth was infected. This week the pain actually got worse even though the tooth is gone. I also have a low grade fever. I am guessing that this isn’t normal and maybe I should have received antibiotics at least. As I thought ibuprofen isn’t doing anything for the pain either. I called my family dentist office and I have an appointment in 2 days. Should he give me antibiotics or should he have given them to me when the tooth was pulled? Thanks. Favi

Although tooth extractions don’t always require antibiotics, if your tooth was infected and your dentist knew it, you should have been given a prescription for antibiotics. Although a root canal treatment removes infection from a tooth, antibiotics are given as a precaution to ensure the infection is completely out of your body.

The pain and low-grade fever you describe sounds like you still have an infection. It’s to your advantage to get the extraction site checked by your family dentist. It is possible that neighbor teeth are infected and the pain is referring to make it feel like it’s at the extraction site. A thorough examination will help identify the location of the infection and the source of your pain. You should also receive prescriptions for antibiotics and pain.

If you aren’t satisfied with the chairside manner or response you get from your family dentist regarding your infection and pain, you can consider getting a second opinion.

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