Why don’t more dentists post their fees on their websites?

Why don’t more dentists post their fees on their websites?

Posted by Hillsdale Dental Care on Jul 26 2017, 08:52 PM

Can you tell me why most dentists don’t post their fees on their websites? We live in times where transparency is supposed to be a good thing. I don’t want to have to schedule appointments or call offices only to find out that I can’t afford a dentist. It’s a waste of their time and mine. I’ve searched throughout the area and only found one or two dentists who post their fees. I didn’t see prices on your site either. Why don’t more dentists do it? Thanks. Malcom

Malcom – Most dentists don’t posts their fees because they aren’t promoting cheap care. Although dentists can provide cheap care by taking shortcuts, buying lower-quality materials, and speeding up their treatment time, they prefer not to do it. They don’t want to compromise your oral health. It can ruin patients’ teeth and the dentist’s reputation.

We understand your concern to find affordable dentistry, but we don’t recommend that you search for dentists who are in a price competition. It really doesn’t save you money in the long run. For example, perhaps you can find a dental filling for $175. Maybe it will last five years. But a dentist who uses high-quality materials and takes care to place the filling so it will last, might have a higher fee—$230 or more. What’s your preference—to replace a lower-cost filling every five years, or to pay a little more for one that will last five times as long?

Get an Accurate Comparison of Dental Fees

We agree that it’s wise to avoid exorbitant fees, but there are ways to get information on fees other than from a dentist’s website. Call a few dental offices and ask for their fees on common services, such as those listed below:

·    A routine cleaning and exam

·    dental crown on a molar tooth

·    A composite dental filling on a molar tooth

Compare the fees for the same procedures from several dentists. It will give you an idea if their fees are moderate or much higher than average. Below are a few things to keep in mind as you look for affordable dentistry and compare procedure fees.

·    Fees can vary based on where you live.

·    The location (city or state) of the dentist’s office and the dentist’s skill can affect fees.

·    Ask what the fees include. You might be quoted a price that doesn’t include some essentials, such as x-rays, exams, local anesthesia, or other procedures necessary to complete the main procedure.

Access Local Dental Fees through Your Insurance Company

If you have dental insurance, you can also search your dental insurance company’s website for an online calculator. Online dental fee calculators from insurance companies are reliable. They provide common fees for certain services in your area. It’s easy to get the information. Enter your zip code and select the procedure you’re interested in, or enter the dental code for the procedure. Some dental insurance companies don’t require you to be a member to use their fee calculator. You can also call your dental insurance company and ask about common fees in your area for specific procedures.

We recommend that while searching for affordable dentistry, choose quality over cost.

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